Hello, I'm Esteban Díaz

Digital product designer with over 16 years of experience in the intersection of design, business and technology.

  • Design Manager,
  • Teacher,
    MrMarcel School
  • Madrid, Spain


  • 16+ years of experience

    Discover some of the projects I have been part of over the years.

  • From 2005 to 2015


    I started offering design, web development, and marketing services for local businesses and small companies.

  • From 2010 to 2013


    I was part of the original team of the creation of the first health portal for the Spanish-speaking market, with medical consultation service included.

  • Durante 2013

    Cigna Healthcare

    I undertook the redesign of the corporate website and digital services to adapt them to the new brand, initiating a digital transformation process.

  • From 2014 to 2017


    I led the comprehensive management of the product portfolio, including strategy and roadmap, at this international out-of-home advertising startup.

  • During 2017


    I participated in the definition and development of the expansion of this social network for investors to new markets and user segments.

  • From 2018 until today


    As of today, I lead teams in creating internal productivity tools, as well as new features in online banking for businesses.

  • From 2020 until today

    Mr Marcel School

    I direct and teach in the Digital Product Design Advanced Course, as well as participating in other courses and specialties.

  • From 2021 until today


    I advise companies on their digitalization processes and startups on developing a product strategy and actionable roadmap.

Case studies

  • Designing to boost productivity

    Creating a framework to guide the design of productivity-oriented products.

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  • Youth employability platform

    A strategy that connects the needs of companies with the training of young people.

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  • Ecosystem for DOOH Display Network

    Defining a portfolio of products that exploits outdoor screens as an advertising channel.

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  • El Cocinario: a personal project

    The COVID-19 lockdown has been an opportunity to reconnect with cooking

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Design process

My creative, data-driven, people-centered and results-oriented perspective is the result of my experience in digital strategy and product design, including the development of value propositions and a deep understanding of digital business models.


Understand the context on which to act, the different perspectives and detect patterns.


Specify what we want to achieve, defining how to measure the progress of efforts and deliveries.


Compare what was observed with what was desired and detect opportunities and uncertainties.


Rapid cycles of ideation, validation and consolidation of execution proposals.

How can I help

There are many ways in which I can contribute to digital or digitization projects. Some examples are:

Digital products

Design and evaluate the user experience in your products and services, with improvements that maximize their impact.

Business models

Help create or digitize business models, using new technologies to open markets, segments or channels.

Boosting productivity

Optimize processes with a special focus on human factors, improving the quality of service and reducing operating costs.

Strategic consulting

I accompany and facilitate the creation of new initiatives, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the viability, desirability and feasibility.

In public

A selection of my talks, articles and reflections on design, user experience and product strategy.

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